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Am I A Candidate?

The primary indication for this procedure is moderate to severe laxity or “looseness” of skin and fatty tissues of the lower trunk and thighs with minimal fatty deposits or a thin to normal thickness of fatty tissues. People who lose a significant amount of weight fall into this category. As with liposuction, this procedure is not a substitute for weight loss. Patients with excess fatty deposits can sometimes be treated with liposuction before undergoing this procedure. The contour of the flanks, side of the thighs, and area in between the legs can be improved.

How Is Surgery Performed?

Because excess skin is involved, longer incisions are required for their removal. Redundant lower trunk and thigh tissues are removed and the incisions are brought together within bikini lines. This “pulling together” of skin and fatty tissues is accomplished by lifting these tissues off of underlying structures.

What Are The Risks?

Whenever incisions through the skin are involved, there are potential complications associated with wound healing such as infection, bleeding, and scarring. Fortunately, major complications are rare. Fluid collections, prolonged swelling, and contour irregularities are also potential complications. Your risk for complications can be minimized by following specific instructions that you will be given before and after surgery.

What Can I Expect?

A compression garment is usually worn for the first few weeks. Drains are also involved, and they are usually removed during this time period as well. Early on, there is an overcorrected appearance that relaxes in the first 4 to 6 months. Stitches are usually removed in two weeks. The incisional scars are permanent, but are located within bikini lines and usually fade in 12 to 15 months.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results are permanent as long as there is no significant weight gain or pregnancy in the future. In time, there will be some return of laxity as the skin loses its elasticity. The primary goal of a lower body lift is to improve the contour of the trunk and thighs in patients with flaccid skin as the primary problem. Most patients are pleased with the results of their surgery, as they are able to obtain a more youthful and feminine body contour.